I had been casually dating “Mike” for around 8 weeks, and it also had been best!  We might head out, take to new restaurants and taverns, and have a tiny bit  fun…and both go on all of our merry method.  I was free to concentrate on school without any union drama or thoughts getting into ways, while nevertheless enjoying the company of a hot guy. Earn winnings, or more I thought.

Mike arrived over one-night, and mentioned, “we should instead talk.” Oh no…aren’t girls those who often claim that?  The guy proceeded to inform me personally he was actually creating strong thoughts in my situation, and desired to date me specifically. We carefully told him no, and then we moved our individual ways.

When I told my buddies exactly what had occurred, they cann’t think I had turned him all the way down, that i did not desire an union with these a fantastic man.  Will it be truly so hard to believe that a woman could need to remain single?  Evidently, within our culture,  it really is.

I happened to ben’t utilizing relaxed relationship as a placeholder until a “real” connection came along.  I happened to ben’t deploying it to complete a void, or in expectations of satisfying some body I wanted to stay straight down with.  Nope, quite contrary.  I was casually matchmaking due to the fact during those times in my own existence, everyday ended up being just the things I desired.  Everything I needed.  Living wasn’t create for any such thing really serious, and that I did not make an effort to force it.  Stepping into a relationship with Mike, or others for instance, might have been great…at initial.  Next my busy schedule could have come to be an issue.  I quickly’d feel harmful to enabling him down basically had to examine.  Right after which our powerful emotions would complicate every thing, because thoughts always carry out.

I did not need any complications.  I needed fun, and a distraction from my personal very demanding existence.  I wasn’t searching for anything or someone else I got to get obligated to.

No matter if the people that you know think you should need to settle-down.  No matter if you say “no” towards the prospect of a relationship.  If you are performing what exactly is suitable for you, and you also alone, you simply can’t go wrong.

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